Treadly Bike Hire - Adelaide Bike Hire

From $25.00* per person

Our approach is to give tourists and residents of Adelaide quick and easy access to what we believe is the often-missing link in our city’s transport system – the bicycle – when and where they need it. By promoting cycling as the best and easiest way to travel distances of less than 5km, we will stimulate movement throughout the CBD and inner suburbs, and extend the distance that can be travelled under our users’ own steam. 

The aim of the project is to provide bike hire to hotels, residences, businesses, organisations and individuals eg. Tourists. We will set ourselves apart from other hire companies, by providing delivery and pickup within 3kms of the CBD with the exception of Adelaide Airport by cargo bike. 

The decision to use Brompton bicycles as our hire bikes is a multi-faceted one. Not only does the brand have a long history of hand-making their bikes since the 70s, they are one of the most compact folding bicycles, and in our opinion the most versatile. Their low weight allows them to be easily delivered by bicycle, their frame design allows for riders of an incredible range of heights to ride them and the compactness of the fold allows them to travel with the user wherever they go.

Treadly Bike Hire is unique to Adelaide and even Australia in the sense of being able to provide for the greater community that uses the CBD on a daily basis. Most bicycle hire only caters for a tourism aspect of a city,

Treadly Bike Hire hopes to broaden the accessibility and alternate transport modes of Adelaide. It will provide a potential to maximise community interaction in a positive way, through healthily activity, creating an alternate mode of transport, and make cycling the most convenient and safest form of transport for local trips.

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