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Terms and conditions


RAA Travel Assistance (Online) Terms and Conditions

Important COVID-19 notice: Currently many travel plans are being impacted by COVID-19 response measures. Not all Bookings are refundable and your rights to a refund, credit or other remedy will depend on the terms and conditions of the Travel Provider. It is important that you understand the Travel Provider's cancellation and refund policy before you make a booking. In addition, travellers are responsible for complying with all applicable COVID vaccination requirements and related entry and exit requirements in the places they are travelling from and to. 


1. Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all enquiries and bookings made online through RAA’s website for travel and holidays including but not limited to airlines, rail and coach operators, accommodation providers, event or attraction ticketing, car hire and tour operators (Travel Assistance). 

The RAA Online Services – Terms and Conditions available at www.raa.com.au also apply to online Travel Assistance.

By engaging with RAA online to obtain Travel Assistance you acknowledge, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Travel Assistance provided by RAA online.

RAA acts as an agent for, and sells, various travel related products (Travel Products) and services (Travel Services) as agent on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, event ticket issuers, car hire, coach, rail and tour operators, as well as wholesalers (Travel Providers). Our obligation to you is (and you expressly authorise us) to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and Travel Providers.
The RAA Customer Service Team is available to support you during our business hours with queries you may have regarding online Travel Assistance. 


2. Bookings

To obtain online Travel Assistance you may be required to set up an online account and/or to provide personal and other information. 

You represent and warrant that you have the full right, power and authority to make a booking for any Travel Service or Travel Product with RAA (Booking) on your own behalf and you are authorised and have the consent of any additional persons forming part of your Booking to make a booking on their behalf, including disclosing their personal information to us and applicable Travel Providers. Any information we provide to you is deemed to have also been given to each other person(s) for whom you are making or have made a Booking, and you should take all steps necessary to communicate this information to them as soon as possible.

For each Booking you acknowledge and agree that:

a) RAA is authorised as your agent only to make a booking with the Travel Provider for the delivery of the Travel Services or Travel Products;

b) When you receive confirmation of your Booking either from RAA and/or from Travel Provider, a contract is formed between you and the Travel Provider to deliver the Travel Service or Travel Product on the Travel Provider’s terms and conditions, including conditions of carriage and limitations of liability, for the relevant Travel Service or Travel Product (Travel Provider Terms). Below you can find the links to certain Travel Provider Terms. We advise you to read the Travel Provider Terms applicable to your Booking carefully. 

c) RAA is not responsible for the delivery to you, or the quality, of the Travel Services or Travel Products;

d) If a Travel Provider fails or is unable to provide the Travel Service or Travel Product for which you have contracted (excluding fault on RAA’s part), your rights are against the Travel Provider and not against RAA;

e) RAA does not in any way (directly or indirectly, independently or in conjunction with any party) own, manage, operate or control the Travel Services or Travel Products provided by Travel Providers;

f) RAA is not responsible for the actions and representations of Travel Providers in relation to the Travel Services or Travel Products provided to you; and

g) You are liable to the Travel Provider for any payments in connection with the Travel Service or Travel Product, except to the extent that RAA has agreed to make such payments on your behalf.

Group Bookings (usually bookings for more than 8 people or rooms), if available, can only be made by contacting the RAA Customer Service Team directly.


3. Travel Providers

RAA acts as agent for certain Travel Providers. Where available, the respective terms and conditions of Travel Providers (Travel Provider Terms) can be found via the following links:

3.1 You acknowledge and agree:

a) that the Travel Provider Terms contain other terms and conditions (including, for example, airline conditions of carriage or accommodation restrictions) that will apply to you and that the Travel Provider Terms apply to you for any Booking made via the RAA website; and

b) that to the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any Travel Provider Terms that apply to you, the Travel Provider Terms will prevail except to the extent such Travel Provider Terms are invalid or unenforceable.

3.2 The Travel Provider will be displayed in the travel information shown to you before booking and again on any Travel Documents after you make a Booking. 


4. Prices

4.1. RAA’s website will display current offers and pricing and also conditions or restrictions that may apply (as these may vary depending on the Travel Provider and/or relevant Travel Product or Travel Service). Prices and availability may vary until your booking is paid in full, and you have received your booking confirmation.

4.2. RAA does not provide any price guarantee. Occasionally, RAA or the applicable Travel Provider(s) have to make a significant change which may impact price and we reserve the right to do so. However, we will not do so after you have paid for your Booking in full and your Booking has been confirmed by RAA or the respective Travel Provider. The price is only guaranteed once your Booking has been paid for in full by you and confirmed. 

4.3. You acknowledge that some countries may charge passenger’s taxes, fees or levies at airports or hotels and that you, and not RAA, are responsible for payment of these fees.

4.4. Airline taxes are subject to change and are confirmed at the time your airline ticket is paid in full by you and your Booking has been confirmed by RAA or the respective Travel Provider.

4.5. You acknowledge and agree that RAA may receive a commission, booking or marketing fee (or similar) from Bookings and other transactions entered into by you using RAA’s website.


5. Payment terms

5.1 When booking online, Travel Products and Travel Services must be paid in full at the time of booking. 

5.2 Online bookings require a credit card or debit card payment. RAA does not accept Diners or American Express. 

5.3 As from the 1st of October 2021, payment via Visa or MasterCard for credit and debit cards attract a surcharge as listed:

  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) 0.81%
  • Debit Cards (Visa or MasterCard) 0.2%


6. GST

6.1 Capitalised expressions set out in this clause have the same meanings as those expressions in the GST Law.

6.2 Unless otherwise expressly indicated, all prices, or other sums payable or consideration to be provided under or in accordance with this agreement are exclusive of GST.

6.3 If GST is imposed on any supply made under or in accordance with this agreement, the Recipient of the Taxable Supply must pay to the Supplier an additional amount equal to the GST payable on or for the Taxable Supply subject to the Recipient receiving a valid Tax Invoice in respect of the supply at or before the time of payment.  Payment of the additional amount will be made at the same time as payment for the Taxable Supply is required to be made in accordance with this agreement.

6.4 If this agreement requires a party to pay for, reimburse or contribute to any expense, loss or outgoing (reimbursable expense) suffered or incurred by another party, the amount required to be paid, reimbursed or contributed by the first party will be the amount of the reimbursable expense net of input tax credits (if any) to which the other party is entitled in respect of the reimbursable expense plus any GST payable by the other party.


7. Bookings, changes and cancellations

7.1 Subject to your refund and remedy rights under the Australian Consumer Law, and subject to clause 7.2, if you request amendment to, or cancellation of, a Booking, RAA reserves the right to charge the following fees and charges (which apply per person, for booking, changing or cancelling air bookings only.  RAA will not apply booking, cancellation or change fees for hotel bookings made through RAA Travel’s website. 

RAA Member Service Fees (Domestic)
Booking fee for Domestic Air: $15 per booking
Booking Amendment: $50 per person
Cancellation Fee Per Person: 15% or $150 - whichever is greater

RAA Member Service Fees (International)
Booking fee for International Air: $40 per booking
Booking Amendment Fee: $100 per person
Cancellation Fee Per Person: 15% or $300 - whichever is greater

Non-RAA Member Service Fees (Domestic)
Booking fee for Domestic Air: $15 per booking
Booking Amendment Fee $100 per person
Cancellation Fee Per Person: 20% or $300 - whichever is greater

Non-RAA Member Service Fees (International)
Booking fee for International Air: $40 per booking
Booking Amendment Fee: $200 per person
Cancellation Fee Per Person: 20% or $600 - whichever is greater

Member” means anyone who holds one or more of RAA Road Service (meaning a subscription for RAA Premium, Plus or Standard Road Service Benefits), RAA Insurance (excluding Travel Insurance) or a booked holiday valued at $500 or more. See Membership Terms and Conditions.

7.2 You acknowledge that if you seek a refund for a Booking that has been cancelled and payment for the Booking has been made to the Travel Provider, RAA will not provide you a refund until RAA has received a refund from the Travel Provider. Where RAA incurs any liability to a Travel Provider, for example a cancellation fee for any Booking which you amend or cancel, you agree to pay us the amount of that fee and you agree that we may deduct that amount from any refund we receive from the Travel Provider on your behalf before we forward the remainder of the refund to you. 

7.3 Not all Bookings are refundable or changeable and your rights to a refund, credit or other remedy will depend on the Travel Provider Terms. It is important that you understand the Travel Provider's cancellation and refund policy before you make a booking.

7.4 Failure to board a flight (i.e. no show) may result in cancellation and forfeit of your Booking including any unused part of the Booking.

7.5 Name changes constitute an amendment to a Booking and may need be re-booked subject to availability and pricing. In some cases, travel providers, suppliers and/or airlines do not permit name changes.

7.6 Travel Providers reserve the right to make time and date changes to their Travel Services and Travel Products both before and after departure. Refer to the applicable Travel Provider Terms for information. It is your responsibility to reconfirm with the relevant Travel Provider at least 48 hours before each part of your journey. If you experience a change, and at your request, we will liaise between you and the Travel Provider in relation to any alternative travel arrangements offered by the Travel Provider, but we will have no further liability to you. You may have to pay additional charges for your Booking or the Booking may need to be amended. 


8. International Bookings

8.1 For all international Bookings, you are responsible for ensuring that all travellers have at the time of departure:

a) a valid passport for international travel with a validity period of at least 6 months after the proposed date of return; and

b) valid exit, entry and re-entry visas or other permits that meet the requirements of immigration and other government departments.

8.2 It is your responsibility to ascertain the visa requirements, including electronic authorisation applications or visa waiver programs, of your destination. Upon request, RAA can provide you with general information only in relation to passport and visa requirements that apply to international Bookings. 

8.3 If instructed by you, RAA may be able to engage a third-party visa advisory service on your behalf to obtain specific or detailed visa advice. We can also assist you to obtain visas through such a third party (fees will apply). RAA accepts no liability for any loss or damage which you may suffer in reliance on such advice or service, except to the extent RAA is at fault. 

8.4 RAA will not be responsible for any delay, penalty, fine or cost incurred directly or indirectly by you as a result of any failure to comply with clause 8.1 or 8.2.


9. Travel documents

9.1 Travel documents including but not limited to airline tickets, accommodation and tourism operator vouchers, rail passes, and other documents (Travel Documents) will be issued by RAA or the Travel Provider (as applicable) as confirmation of the relevant Booking. 

9.2 Travel Documents may be subject to Travel Provider Terms and/or restrictions imposed by the Travel Provider including in relation to cancellation and transferability.

9.3 Travel Documents are issued in the name of the individual traveller, being the name specified on the traveller’s passport/photo identification, and will usually be non-transferrable.

9.4 You are responsible for reviewing all Travel Documents and advising of any errors or omissions prior to travel.

9.5 Travel Documents that are lost, stolen or misplaced may be replaced subject to a replacement or reissue fee.


10. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not provided automatically when you book travel with RAA. Travel insurance can be purchased separately. You should consider whether you require travel insurance to cover all or any part of your Booking. If you decide not to take out travel insurance, this is your decision and you must not hold RAA responsible for any consequences. Travel insurance is strongly recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all overseas travel.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any travel insurance you obtain is valid and appropriate.


11. Frequent flyer memberships and special requirements

11.1 It is your responsibility to provide frequent flyer membership and loyalty program details and any special requirements at the time of placing a Booking.

11.2 We cannot guarantee that the Travel Provider will credit you with points or credits for your Booking or be able to accommodate any special requirements in connection with your Booking.


12. Health and travel advice

12.1  Before the commencement of your travel, you are responsible for ensuring that you are familiar with:

a) any rules that may apply in relation to the carriage of liquids, gels and aerosols on-board international flights;

b) any health requirements and recommended precautions relevant to the Booking and you have obtained any necessary vaccinations before departure; and

c) travel advice or warnings issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in relation to any destination within the Booking.


13. Limitation of liability

13.1 RAA is not itself a Travel Provider and to the exent permitted by law, its liability in making Bookings will be limited to any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law contained in Schedule 2 to the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

13.2 RAA’s liability for breach of a condition or warranty that cannot be excluded at law is limited (at RAA’s election, and to the extent permitted by law) to either a refund for the Booking, the re-supply of the Booking or payment of the cost of the re-supply of the Booking.


14. Privacy Laws

14.1  You acknowledge and agree that:

a) RAA and its related entities handle personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles (Privacy Laws), and we deal with personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy

b) You are authorised by each individual traveller in your Booking to provide RAA with their personal information for the purposes of RAA providing Travel Assistance.

c) RAA collects and uses the personal information you provide to make Bookings for travel products and services offered by Travel Providers, offer other RAA products and services to you or the traveller, manage our ongoing relationship with you/the traveller, provide you with marketing and promotional communications in accordance with your/the traveller’s preferences, and otherwise as necessary for our business purposes.

d) If you do not provide us with this information, we may not be able to make Bookings, or give you/the traveller the full range of benefits of RAA’s products and services.

e) In the event that an accident, emergency or disaster is reported to have occurred in a country or place where you or the traveller have or may be travelling, you authorise RAA to disclose to relevant government departments or emergency services details of your and the traveller’s activities and itinerary, including without limitation transport and accommodation details and contact details in Australia and overseas.

14.2 You agree that in certain circumstances we may disclose the traveller’s personal information:

a) to recipients located overseas who may include Travel Providers (for example airlines, accommodation or tour providers) or booking systems used by RAA (for example Amadeus IT Group, S.A. and Express Travel Group);  

b) to third parties who provide Travel Assistance services or services to RAA (or who are indirectly involved in the provision of Travel Assistance services or services to RAA) or make benefits or offers available to RAA members, and 

c)  as required or permitted by Law.

14.3 Generally our disclosure of the traveller’s personal information to recipients located overseas will be in connection with the facilitation of the Booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical services by them on RAA’s behalf.

14.4 Where we disclose the traveller’s personal information to recipients, you accept that the recipients of this disclosure may not have in place privacy policies that are equivalent to RAA’s. You expressly consent to receiving marketing from the Travel providers. You should review the travel providers privacy policy before providing personal information through the RAA website. They may also not be bound to comply with Australian Privacy Laws in how they handle such personal information. 

14.5 Our Privacy Policy contains information about:

a) how you may seek access to or correct personal information that RAA holds about you and/or the individuals for whom you make Bookings; and

b) how you/the traveller may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by RAA and how we will handle such a complaint.