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Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been before. One of the great rewards and luxuries of travel is to experience everyday things as if for the first time. There’s nothing that lifts the soul quite like planning a holiday. Let us inspire you and ignite the flame for wanderlust with travel stories, guides, events, competitions and our much-loved strip maps.

Getaway guides and stories

A good travel tale captures the imagination and reels you right into the action. Whether you're planning to take flight, set sail or hit the road, we've rounded up some exceptional stories to help set the mood.

Road trip strip maps

Are you planning an epic South Australia road trip? We’ve reintroduced strip maps leading to some of our favourite road trip destinations – explore every corner of SA, from Mount Gambier to Coober Pedy.

Events and competitions

RAA Travel host events to provide holiday ideas, travel tips and travel advice to local, interstate, and international destinations. We also run competitions throughout the year with the chance to win great prizes.